Sew Generous – A Charity Quilting Bee

A few years ago my bestie Effie and I started our own little charity quilting bee  Sew Generous, which was inspired by the Do Good Stitches that started in the US.


We wanted to do something like this but wanted to have the quilts go somewhere closer to home. So we started Sew Generous with just the two of us at first. We supplied all the materials and time but then reached out to other quilters. When we first started I had an active blog and I was part of a few quilt guilds and craft groups so we had many generous quilters and crafters donate fabric to us and we have made many quilts with these. In fact we had so many donations that we put a hold on donations so we could work through what we had. We were simply overwhelmed and I was going through my health issues so it was a good break.

During my illness I stopped going to quilt groups and craft groups and lost touch with so many quilters and I stopped blogging. It has been a few years now and my bestie Effie and I have decided to get back into our charity quilting bee.  There is still only two of us doing the work and a lot of fabric and blocks that were donated and not used yet. We have managed to donate a fair few quilts, you can see all the quilts we donated to Westmead Children’s Hospital on the Sew Generous website.

My hope is that the donations may start up again so we can continue to make quilts for the brave kids going through treatment for cancer in the Oncology Department at Westmead Hospital.

We were so lucky last time we dropped off all the quilts to meet up with the Make a Wish Foundation Youth Ambassador David and a few very excited nurses when we handed our very large bundle over to them.


Suzanne, Effie, Nurse, Donna and David

I really enjoy quilting these quilts. Effie usually makes all the quilt tops and I quilt them. I have become a little more adventurous with my quilting and I think the quilts are coming out really well. We have finally come up with a standard size of 42″ x 52″ for most of our quilts and we have limited ourselves to specific number of quilts. Finally!

If you have any fabric you would like to donate, or any orphan blocks that you no longer need, batting or backing fabric, we are more than happy to take them off your hands. Just visit Sew Generous for all our contact details.

Let’s make scraps into beautiful charity quilts,



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