iquilt – online quilting classes

At the moment I am surfing the net for any and all videos, tutorials and classes on longarm quilting. I am a very visual learner and find that I retain the information better and can better translate what I have seen to my longarm.

Quite by accident I found another ‘online quilting class course’ called iquilt. I love that they have a seperate Longarm Quilting section as that is really what I am interested in at the moment.

If you love custom quilting then you might have heard of Judi  Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts, she is an awesome quilter and she teaches a class called Quilting Makes a Difference. Because I love her quilting I just had to buy the class and I am glad I did. In this class Judi uses two simple 24″ x 24″ quilt tops with lots of negative space to show how to do modern quilting on one and traditional quilting on the other. Judi takes you through step by step how how to mark and then quilt each style on the quilt tops.

I have made up my sample quilt tops and will be ready to mark and quilt them very soon.


I have two of these!

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but I like to visit Ikea’s fabric section and see what they have and occasionally I am rewarded with some gorgeous printed fabric that is perfect for backing. It is a little wider than the average quilting fabric and is perfect for the charity quilts I quilt for Sew Generous. As most of our quilts are 42″ x 52″ I can usually get the the whole backing in one piece. Win-win.

The fabric is also less expensive per metre usually between $4.99-$8.99 and they come out with new fabrics each season. Last time I went to Ikea they had some solid colours that I had never seen before in white, blue, black, red and calico. I bought some of each not really sure what I was going to do with them until I watched this class and decided I would use these solids to make up my sampler quilt tops.

I am planning to use these two quilts once they are finished and if they work out, as side by side wall hangings in my family dining room. It’s time to upgrade my Vincent Van Gough Sunflowers tapestry!



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