Marking Your Quilt

Since my return to longarm quilting and trying my hand at more complex and interesting custom quilting designs, I have found marking my quilt to be a very necessary tool in getting my quilting exactly how I want it.

I have in the past been hesitant to mark my quilts as I have heard horror stories of marks not coming out, or of marks returning after they initially disappeared. I searched and researched all the marking tools out there and basically settled on a few different types of marking tools.

Here is a list of the ones I like to use:


Blue Water Soluble Pen – this is great for marking your quilt before you load up the quilt onto a quilting frame or longarm machine. It tends to stay for a little while before it starts to fade and disappear altogether. It can also be removed as soon as you no longer need it by either spraying some water on it – them wiping off the excess water. This method is great if you have a large area of marking.  A new method that I have found for smaller areas is using either a water pen or Sew Clean to dab onto the actual mark rather than spraying in a wider area. I use a Precision Lubricator Needle Point Pen Oiler which I bought with no oil in it from eBay and filled it up with Sew Clean. When I need to remove small marks or I only have a small area I will use this pen to drop Sew Clean onto the lines and it removes them. The Sew Clean then washes out when the quilt gets washed.

SewLine Disappearing Pen Purple – this pen is great if you are marking on the fly. Your quilt is already loaded and you just need a few guide lines, tick marks or tracing out templates. It does disappear and fairly quickly especially if you have a lot of lights above your machine as heat makes it disappear faster.

Chalk cartridge pen – this is great for using on darker fabric. I have both a thick and a thin mechanical pencil size. I prefer to only use the white chalk although they both come with green, pink, blue and yellow. These marks are super easy to get out, just rub a microfibre cloth of them and bam they’re gone!

Let’s make scraps beautiful,



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