Traditional vs Modern Quilting

I enrolled into an iquilt class called Quilting Makes a Difference by Judi Madsen.

I made my two identical quilt sampler tops as per Judi’s instructions and watched her videos very carefully, I then marked my quilts just as Judi instructed, loaded them up one at a time and then quilted them one after the other.



The traditional quilt had a lot less marking and it had more of a freehand feel to it, it didn’t need to be precise, just even and consistent. I found quilting this way a little scary at first. I really like to know where I am going and what I am doing in advance – I am not big on surprises! After free-handing my feather spine it was much easier as I had a base line to work from. I love the look of feathers and found that I really enjoyed doing them.

I was actually surprised that the quilting went very smoothly and I had the whole quilt finished in a fairly short period of time. The quilt measures 24″x 24″, so it wasn’t a big quilt. I have a 26″ longarm and even though the quilt measure 24″ I still couldn’t do the whole quilt in one go, I had to advance the quilt a short way only once to finish it off. That was also a really good lesson on where to stop and start to continue on for the borders.



I really, really enjoyed the modern quilting part of this exercise. I think I am a ruler junkie. I really like working with rulers. This quilt top had a lot more marking. In fact the only things that weren’t marked were the fillers. All the lines were marked before quilting started. There were also a lot of stop/starts. Judi has a longarm that doesn’t like going from right to left and she was constantly stopping to approach her quilting from the ‘right’ side. I am really lucky with my longarm, it doesn’t mind which way I go and gives me great tension in all directions. Still, with this particular design there were a lot of stop/starts.

Of the two quilting types, I think I really prefer the modern one. I really like ruler work so that helps seal the deal.

I am thinking of hanging my ‘Traditional vs Modern’ quilts side by side on one of my walls. I feel like I need something new on my walls so why not these gorgeous wallhangings.

Let’s make scraps beautiful,



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